No on Y

Wrong for Danville

Remember Councilmember Arnerich discussing how Danville was carefully planned? So was this project - beginning with a campaign contribution from Davidon Homes to the Arnerich for Assembly campaign in 2013. Wait until you see what's coming next...

Read the arguments that reveal the truth about Davidon's false conclusions and promises. They are actually reducing open space in Danville.

The Town's own Environmental Impact Report says that. See the Town's assessment of extreme congestion of many intersections in the project vicinity here.


The only  project-required change to existing substandard road conditions is a single right-turn lane extension at the westbound Diablo Road/Green Valley Road/McCauley Road intersection. That's like a tiny  band-aid on a gaping wound.


Paid for by Danville Open Space Committee-No on Y, local residents committed to protecting our Open Space

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