Bulldozing Danville's hills and building clustered houses is not creating open space. 66+ houses, and their attached accessory dwelling units, will be packed together covering the designated Open Space land. The houses will be built up to the legal limit where the slope is too steep to build under Danville's Hillside Slope ordinance.


Without the rezoning, only 52 houses could be built. Only 9 of those, each on twenty acre lots, could be built on the 200 acres of designated Open Space. The rest of the houses would have to be built on five acre lots in a steep, unseen canyon behind the hills or on the slide-ridden hillside (virtually inaccessible from dangerous Diablo Rd). Most probably wouldn't be built due to the excessive cost and geological challenges.


Paid for by Danville Open Space Committee-No on Y, local residents committed to protecting our Open Space

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