In case you wondered what life is like for Diablo Road residents and why the road should be fixed before adding more traffic to this two-lane road into the development...

Learn about the Diablo Road Improvements that never happened - despite residents paying for them

No room for error
Telephone pole car accidents
Car plows into cyclists
Downed power line closes road
Blind curve - worse at night
Flooding closes Diablo Rd
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Chris Southard, Civil Engineer
35-year Danville resident

"The Diablo Road corridor is already over its capacity with intersections exceeding the worst possible congestion rating----F. 

Rezoning to add 841 more cartrips per day to this overcapacity corridor and beyond is wrong for Danville's residents."

Congestion even w/bussing
Diablo Rd/Green Valley
Bicyclists hit by Magee project
Recumbent bicyclist on shoulder
Diablo Rd Shoulder
Car plows into bikers
Fallen tree in Diablo Rd culvert
White line drops off
School bus crossing solid line
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