Danville Residents,


Don’t be Fooled by Claims that this property will be a Regional Park!

Davidon’s Claim:


Davidon and Save Mt. Diablo (SMD) are claiming that, as part of Measure Y, East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) will own the land and protect it, expanding Sycamore Regional Park.  This is absolutely NOT true. 


The Truth:


Nowhere in Measure Y is this mentioned or required (you can read the actual project Conditions of Approval here.)  Davidon concocted this claim long after the Project was finalized, in response to widespread public objection to the Project’s lack of public benefits. They are grasping at straws and will make any non-contractual promises needed to get your vote. They are trying to fool us into thinking that you are voting to support open space.


Based on the letter sent by EBRPD, they have merely expressed a hypothetical willingness to hold and manage the land – IF it were offered, and IF funding for maintaining it was found and guaranteed (read EBRPD’s letter here.)  But the property owner HAS NOT dedicated the land, and is NOT REQUIRED to. There is no funding setup to maintain these hundreds of acres. There is NOTHING legally binding in Measure Y – on Davidon, the property owner, or EBRPD – to make this happen.  In fact a similar situation is currently underway where the public is, yet again, coming up empty-handed on non-binding claims. You can see below with the Borel property that was given to EBRPD and sold off to developers.


If EBRPD is willing to take title to the land, agree to maintain it, and expand to Sycamore Regional Park, the only way to make this happen is to REJECT the current Measure Y Project, which does NOT include such a requirement, and bring the parties back to the table with a project that actually includes this public benefit and makes it certain. 

Clever marketing campaigns should not trick us into giving Danville away to outside developers and negatively affecting our quality of life. We have no guaranteed benefit from giving Davidon millions in profit.

Note: EBRPD formal support has never, in its history, guaranteed that open space would be protected from development. In fact, the Borel property (the walnut tree orchard across from Costco) which was entrusted to them was put out for bid to development for high-density housing in 2019.

Excerpt from the East Bay TimesDanville Town Manager Joe Calabrigo said Borel’s family had owned about 60 acres...some of which is now home to housing developments. He said 7 acres, on the north portion of the 17 remaining acres, are optioned to a developer, as a result of a Request for Bid by the East Bay Regional Park District. 

Read about Mr. Borel - Rancher's Dying Wish: Let Others Enjoy My Property  


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