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Danville SUED by injured cyclists for dangerous Diablo Rd conditions

Excerpt: The Town of Danville created a dangerous condition of public property by failing to place any warning signs, including but not limited to a "No Shoulder" sign as specified by sign W8-23 of the California Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, and/or any other warning that the subject roadway had no shoulder and/or posed danger to bicyclists, and by failing to sufficiently notify the public of the existence of the path.

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Danville's High-Risk Fire Zone

Excerpt: According to analysis by the Los Angeles Times, trouble zones in the Bay Area include the foothills of Mount Diablo in Contra Costa County. Mount Diablo State Park near Danville is indeed the sort of spot that raises concerns, with rolling hills filled with dried vegetation and trees and homes wedged in the middle. The fire risk is compounded by the fact that Diablo Rd is not sufficient to evacuate thousands of residents in a wildfire emergency.

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How Bay Area park district meddled in November election

Excerpt: Another government entity has meddled in our elections, this time right here in the Bay Area in the recently completed November election. The meddler was one of our own local agencies – the East Bay Regional Park District. The law requires reporting of campaign expenditures when they reach $1,000. And it generally prohibits use of public funds for political campaign purposes. The park district violated both.

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Davidon gives $1.2 Million Dollars to SMD (Save Mt. Diablo)

Excerpt: In 2007, Davidon Homes gave SMD $1.2 Million Dollars to "preserve open space" in Danville. Years later, the favor is being returned as SMD has become a top endorser of Davidon's plan to bulldoze hundreds of acres of open space that the Danville Town Council is trying to rezone to Planned Unit Development. 

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The Art of Newspeak - The Orwellian sham

Excerpt: Magee Ranch, which Davidon Homes hopes to ravage, is currently open space not covered by development. The concept of Davidon is to bulldoze this currently uncovered space and build 69 closely clustered houses in part of the formerly open area. The Danville Town Council "slithered" around existing zoning laws in order to greenlight the project.

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Danville Open Space Committee gathers nearly twice as many signatures as needed

Excerpt: A group called the Danville Open Space Committee collected 5,487 signatures. The county elections office certified more than 4,200 signatures, above the 3,007 signatures needed to call for a referendum.

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Two Danville Hit-And-Run Cycling Crashes May Be Related

Excerpt: “It’s tragic,” she said. “But anyone could have predicted this was going to happen sooner or later due to the substandard width of the road.”

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Hit-and-run driver strikes 3 cyclists on Diablo Road

Excerpt: An 83-year-old San Ramon man hit three bicyclists on Diablo Road in separate incidents on the same day in October. Substandard Diablo Rd does not have enough room for a car to pass a cyclist without crossing the double yellow line (which is illegal).

Cyclist Killed In Head-On Crash Near Diablo

Excerpt: The crash was reported around 4:30 p.m. on a narrow winding road called Mount Diablo Scenic Boulevard near Diablo Ranch Drive.

Building on vacant land isn’t preserving open space

Excerpt: Calling themselves Yes on Open Space, Davidon Homes wants to cluster 69 homes on 29 acres of undeveloped rolling hills. Since when does building homes on vacant land constitute the preservation of open space? This project does nothing to guarantee protections to bicyclists on already crowded roads, destroys green space and creates additional risks to residents who may need to evacuate during wildfires by jamming more development into an area served by narrow roads.

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Two bicyclists injured, one airlifted after being struck by motorist in Danville

Excerpt:  San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District received a call from a motorist, reporting that two bicyclists were down on Blackhawk Road, just east of Magee Ranch road. Paramedics arrived at the scene and found two bicyclists with traumatic injuries.


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