March 3rd, 2020


Protect Danville's open space and quality of life from out-of-town developers! Davidon Homes wants to rezone Danville's open space to build a major residential subdivision in the highly congested Diablo Road corridor. Davidon calls it a "preserve." Don't be fooled. Davidon's development is wrong for Danville!

Town of Danville registered voters will vote March 3, 2020 on the rezoning required for the Magee "Preserve" 69+ homes residential development on Open Space land. 

Danville Open Space Committee-No on Y recommends a vote of NO on Measure Y! It is wrong for Danville. Here's why:


TRAFFIC. Danville traffic is already bad. Diablo Road is often gridlocked, with bumper-to-bumper backups as long as a mile. The Town says "Magee Preserve" will add 841 new car trips each day to this road. That's wrong for Danville!


SCHOOL OVERCROWDING. SRVUSD warned its schools are "significantly overcrowded" and called the "possibility of diversions likely" when considering Magee 'Preserve'.


HAZARDS. Diablo Road is a narrow, winding country road that is already overburdened with traffic and thousands of bicyclists annually riding to Mt. Diablo. Adding traffic increases hazards to everyone.


LOST OPEN SPACE. Don't be fooled by Davidon! This project rezones existing Danville open space to build a major residential subdivision. That's a bad idea for all of Danville's open spaces!


WILDFIRE EVACUATION. Cal Fire and California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) give this area their highest wildfire threat rating. The Town calls wildfire an "extreme threat to development" here. The single, two-lane road in and out is already routinely gridlocked. Imagine thousands evacuating in a wildfire, with road blockages, smoke and emergency vehicles. Building a major subdivision here that adds hundreds more residents is wrong!


Paid for by Danville Open Space Committee-No on Y, local residents committed to protecting our Open Space

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